Weekly outcome Define health, health promotion, and holism.  2. Describe the development of nursing

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Weekly outcome

Define health, health promotion, and holism. 
2. Describe the development of nursing as a profession, focusing on health and wellness. 
3. Differentiate the levels of prevention and their impact on nursing practice.
4. Discuss how the Healthy People initiative has affected the nurse’s role in health promotion. 
5. Explore the costs of health and illness to individuals and society.
Objectives week1
1. Describe steps to achieve success in the course.
2. Understand the fundamental health and wellness values inherent in nursing’s professional identity through the exploration of historical influences, models of health, and national initiatives.
3. Summarize the development of professional nursing roles.
4. Discuss definition of health, health promotion and holism.
5. Relate the health belief, health promotion, basic human needs, and holistic health models to patients’ attitudes toward health practices.
6. Apply the three levels of prevention to the exemplars of vaccinations, screenings, and rehabilitation.
7. List Healthy People goals.
8. Explain short and long-term costs or savings of positive health behavior, such as physical activity, to the individual and to the health care system.


Examine the roles and responsibilities of the professional nurse related to promoting health and wellness.
Apply knowledge of the nursing role to promoting healthy behaviors in others.
Describe how the nursing process is utilized to promote the health of individuals and families.
Compare and contrast the nursing process and clinical reasoning.
Explain how the American Nurses Association Scope and Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics serve as a foundation for nursing practice and health promotion.
Influence of Family on Health Choices
Summarize the steps of the nursing process.
Relate nursing assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation to health and wellness.
Explain how professional standards of practice influence nursing practice and promoting health and wellness.
Discuss the role of ethics in the nursing profession.
Examine and clarify personal values.
Differentiate basic healthcare ethics terms.
Describe the purpose of the ANA Code of Ethics and its components.
Apply ANA Code of Ethics Provision 1 to nursing practice and health promotion.
Examine behaviors that influence health and wellness.


Identify how cultural beliefs and customs influence health and wellness practices. 
Summarize how the nursing process provides a framework for the professional nurse to promote the health of individuals, families, and communities in a multicultural society. 
Explain the influences of diversity, family, and socioeconomic issues on health choices. 
Describe cultural influences on health.
Discuss steps to be developing cultural competence.
Identify own biases related to the care of diverse populations.
Value providing patient-centered and culturally congruent care.
Understand the relationship between social determinants of health and health disparities.
Define family and common family forms.
Explain family influences on health.
Chamberlain Care
Cultural Competence
Health Disparities
Health Variables of Individuals and Groups
Family Dynamics
NR 222


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