Week 5 MAT Training Note and Reflection Reflection questions: What are your nursing experiences with

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Week 5 MAT Training Note and Reflection

Reflection questions:

What are your nursing experiences with persons with substance use disorder (SUD)?

Nurses keep track of a patient’s treatment plan and recovery progress, weighing in on the positives and negatives. They’re also in charge of giving patients their drugs, and in the case of MAT, they can use behavioral therapy strategies. They also provide patients with information about recovery programs and demonstrate a high level of empathy. To be successful, substance abuse nurses must have a number of well-developed abilities. Nurses must collaborate well with physicians, therapists, and other professionals involved in the treatment process since substance abuse treatment is a joint endeavor. To explain sensitive material simply and concisely, nurses must have outstanding interpersonal skills and strong communication ability. They must have strong critical thinking and decision-making abilities, since they may be required to make quick decisions in order to deal with unexpected treatment complications.

The case scenario describes a lawyer who is using heroin. Prior to the training, were you aware that according to the World Health Organization (2020), drug use disorders are the most stigmatized conditions by health care providers? Did you think that a successful person could suffer from substance use disorder?
Did completing this training change how you will screen for SUD and treat clients who suffer from SUD? Why or why not?
Do you plan to complete the MAT training and become Suboxone-waivered? Why or why not?


Psychiatric Note 

Demographic data: Do not include identifying information. Must be HIPAA compliant.

Chief complaint: A forty-year-old man who comes to your office asking to be treated with buprenorphine. He is a criminal defense attorney in private practice, and he knows about buprenorphine because you are treating some of his clients. His goal is to use buprenorphine during the week and occasionally use heroin (by snorting) on the weekend. He has used heroin for the past 5 years.

History of present illness:

Current working diagnoses:

Current psychiatric medications:

Non-psychiatric medications:

Allergies: N/A

Review of Systems: As appropriate, listed by body systems in bullet form

Mental Status Exam:

Physical Exam: 


Results: If applicable and results obtained



Impression: Narrative discussion of current status and symptoms, how the patient is tolerating the current treatment and any progress toward goals. Also discuss any change in diagnoses or changes to the plan and the reason why. Always discuss the safety evaluation and current safety plan.


Medication orders
Psychotherapy orders to begin or continue
Safety orders
Non-pharmacologic orders – labs, psychoeducation, referrals
Follow up

Signature: Current credentials, PMHNP student


NURS 678


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