Vika Bosonoski is a 76 year old woman who has moved from the…

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Vika Bosonoski is a 76 year old woman who has moved from the community into a residential facility a week ago.  She speaks very little English. She has adult children and grandchildren who live in the local area. Her husband died 4 years ago. She has a dear friend Jane who has always supported her at home.


Joan is meeting with Vika to continue to develop her individual plan.


Medical conditions:

Vika has had poor health for many years. She had a kidney transplant 25 years ago, which has been failing slowly, so she now has kidney failure. 

She is a diabetic, has high blood pressure and recently was diagnosed with Mild Alzheimer’s type dementia. 

She is on a special diet to manage her kidney failure and diabetes and is also restricted in her fluid intake due to the kidney failure. 

She does not understand why she cannot eat and drink what she likes and gets very grumpy at mealtimes and will take food and drinks from others when the opportunity arises. 

She can feed herself.

She also is developing poor vision and it is expected that she will be blind within the next few years. 


Staff Support:

Vika needs assistance with her personal hygiene; showering, drying, dressing, grooming and toileting. She is incontinent of urine at times and prone to constipation. She also is prone to UTIs. 



She can walk short distances with a walking frame but tires easily. 



She likes her own company and activities do not interest her. Staff feel that this may be associated with her lack of English. In the last week she has shaken her fist and yelled at staff in Yugoslav whenever she is frustrated, particularly during personal care activities. On 2 occasions she has pinched a staff member during showering.


Vika also has a leg ulcer that she has had for some time. It has proved very difficult to heal. The wound was being managed by the community nurse before her admission. She takes multiple medications that she is unable to manage herself.





Visits from family

Being treated like a child

Spending time with her friend Jane

Not being understood


Too much noise

Cake – sponge with jam


Folk music


Walking outside



I’ve attached a case study and need to answer the questions below as detail as possible :

1-  What diverse and multifaceted needs may need to be addressed in planning support for Vika?

2-How could Joan involve her or her family in establishing goals, planning monitoring and review of her needs? 

3-Complete the attached Individualised plan for Vika. This plan needs to be thorough.

Client Name:       Date of Care Plan:      
Date Identified Need Goal Intervention Outcome/Evaluation


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