The problem I am using is: “Has the covid-19 pandemic negatively affected the patient experience in

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The problem I am using is: “Has the covid-19 pandemic negatively affected the patient experience in the Emergency Department”?

Per request, I have created an outline for Week 7 Final Assignment. Please use 🙂

Include: Title of paper- Your Name- Spring Arbor University, course, instructor name, and date (centered and midway down page)
NO running head on any page (get rid of it!) ……… INCLUDE Page number on title page that carries through

Problem…literature regarding why this is a problem that needs research- stats, inefficiencies, poor patient outcomes, ect…

How will it improve your clinical area, what makes it an important topic?

What is happening at your facility currently that is not addressing the problem in the first paragraph? Process deficiency?

Fourth Paragraph (Problem Identification) 
Copy checklist on #4 and check all those that apply (what led to the identification of the problem?)

Fifth and Last Paragraph (PICO & Research Question)
Copy PICO Components listed under # 5 and simply state them (take it right from this week’s DB) 

Reference literature cited
Syllabus Instructions for Quick Reference:
1.What is the problem? Is there any data that supports that this is a problem at your hospital, clinic, etc.?  Data that supports that this is a national problem?
2. Why is the problem important and relevant? What would happen if it were not addressed?
3. What is the current practice?
4. How was the problem identified? (Check all that apply)
____Safety and risk management concerns
____Quality concerns
____Unsatisfactory patient, staff, or organizational outcomes
____Variations in practice within setting
____Variations in practice compared to community standard
____Current practice that has not been validated
____Financial concerns
5. Name each PICO component:
P (population, patient or problem) = ___________________________
I (Intervention) = ___________________________
C (comparison with other interventions) = __________________________
O (outcomes are qualitative or quantitative measures to determine the success of the change) = ___________________________.

6. State your EBP question



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