The history of interior design

The history of interior design


This paper generally focuses on the history of interior design. In doing this, the paper will articulate aspects of Philip Johnson as per the year 1906-2005 in relation to the New Canaan Glass House CT in the year 1949. The Glass House designed by Philip Johnson in the year 1949 was his own residence and globally viewed as the Farnsworth House design. Johnson built the museum which generally featured glass Farnsworth House models. Various industrial materials including steel and glass in creating a home design characterized the model of the house.

Materials interior use of the house

Generally, Johnson and Whitney designed the landscape that surrounds the Glasshouse. The house had manicured areas including grass, and trees in which Johnson grouped them together and called them Vestibules. The house overlooks a pond and it is behind a wall of stone, which is at the edge of Johnson’s estate crest. The interior of the house has paintings, which are displayed throughout the house and revolve in various racks of the carpeted panels in the building. The interior of the house is designed in such a way that it reflects Philip Johnson’s uncluttered aesthetic. It generally includes a media a media wall that has various video loops that run simultaneously on the walls. Additionally, the house has various screens, which reflect various features of the entire estate. The theme of the artwork represents history. In doing this, Philip Johnson was reflecting on various aspects that would benefit the entire art world. In designing the house, Johnson focused on simple ideologies.



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