The Gucci advertisement

In this Gucci advertisement, the typical gender codes and cues discussed by Jhally in the video come across quite clearly, more so when it comes to femininity. The first noticeable cue is the posture assumed by the woman, it is indeed one of submission, as the woman can be seen on her knees with her head canted and eyes slights trailing seemingly suggesting that she is out of touch with her surroundings. Further, true to assertions by Jhally, her hands are both touching the man’s shoes, as well as touching herself. Further, judging by the woman’s eyes, as well as posture, it is easy to deduce as suggested by the video, that she is not alert, and seems a bit delicate. The woman does indeed seem powerless and submissive to the man standing over her, not to mention the sense of defenselessness and subordination her posture in relation to the man’s upright posture seems to exhibit. The woman’s posture also seems to suggest sexual availability, more so considering where the right hand seems to be holding.


In this advertisement on the other hand, a number of masculinity cues are visible. The man’s posture is upright and in a way is a show of dominance. Further, his hands are indeed away from his body as suggested by Jhally. The man is also in complete contrast to the woman, presented as aware, focused, protective, in control and in charge of his surroundings. This portrayal of alertness is achieved by depicting the man in an upright posture, head slightly tilted forward and the eyes looking straight ahead and slightly upwards, exactly as described in Jhally’s video. This photograph is also in line with the assertions over the use of hands in male adverts, as the hands are not even shown, whereas the female is indeed touching herself.



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