The great Gatsby is one of the most celebrated novels

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The great Gatsby is one of the most celebrated novels. This novel was written by F Scott. This novel has become one of the best read novels of all times. This however, is not the case with many people who have criticized it. Written in 1925, this novel has not received the right kind of audience that the writer demanded for. This novel is based on a young rich man called Gatsby. This novel is strategically scripted in a town that is fictional of west egg. This town is in an island and acted during the summer. The main character jay is a millionaire and one who is said to be very wealthy. The story of the novel is based on this young and rich man trying to fight for the love of a beautiful lady called Daisy Buchanan. This novel is said to cover some of the themes that are considered by many the American dream. Some of these themes include decadence, change resistance, idealism and social upheaval. These themes are said also to show the ways of jazz. This novel is designed to fit the life of 1920 when the economy and things like music grew. The thesis of my article revolves around Daisy and her love twists and betrayal.

Daisy as indicated by the writer was one very beautiful lady. She is also said to be very smart and who was very loyal to her husband. Daisy is an indication of love and competition and she is also portrayed to be all what a man needs. This is explained by the fact that jay fought for her love back and he does it using all means possible. She is seen to be very loving as she loves her husband, but she fails to honor her commitment. The character is also portrayed to betray her husband amidst all the love that they had shared. This cannot be attributed to the infidelity of her husband as she did not know about it. Daisy gets carried away by the materials things that jay has and she betrays her husband after he deliberately explains how jay earns a living. This shows that Daisy was impressed by material things and not love which her husband offered. She betrayed the trust that her husband had cast on her. This does not end up well as her love for materials things kills her after jay deliberately kills her.


This book is very fundamental and very straight forward. This book is one of the books that explain the dangers of material love. This is well explained in the book as the life of the very beautiful Daisy is ruined after her love for material things. This clearly states that we should place our love in the people who love us the most and avoid engaging in love for material goods. This book is also very evident to explain that love can make somebody cut the boundaries of life. We should try to be very cautious as we engage in love.


Fitzgerald, F. S., & Bruccoli, M. J. (1996). The great Gatsby. New York, NY: Scribner.




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