The Generation Disparity

The Generation Disparity.

The young adolescents had a different behavior as compared to that of the young ones in the recent years. In the former years of the 19th and 20th century, the young men were quiet hardworking and were very interested in learning basic functions and important roles such as being independent from their fathers They were always eager and to learn more as well as to have important survival skills for life being imparted on them. This can be contrasted by the behavior of the young males in the recent ages since they have lost the need and desire to live a life whereby they can ensure that they still hole the ‘protective’ roles in the family.

The women in the 20th century have also been brought out as loving beauty but also being prone to fall into relationships that may end up being harmful to them in the long run. In the story of “A good man is hard to find”, it can be seen that the young male seems to be rebellious and is not interested in following any form of instructions that he is given by the grandmother. It also seems that the mother is not in a position to influence any of the decisions that the male will make hence they tend to keep themselves interested in their own things such as engaging themselves in the pleasure of reading comic books. The author of “A Good Man is hard to Find seems to have grown up in the Roman Catholic Faith hence had her thoughts based on the Christian doctrine. Her writings were also guided by the deep Faith that she had in the Christian religion. Christianity upholds a rule that ensures that people have respect for one another. The Story of “A Rose for Emily’ brings out the fact that young males had issues with their relationships as it was seen of Homer Barron whom Emily had totally fallen in love with but he did not display his interest in her. He seemed to get involved in other kinds of joys such as relationships with other men as well as spending his nights drinking outside with the same men. The author for this story served in the military but had a high interest in writing articles that would prove to be very creative and interesting to the reader.

In the story of ‘A Good Man is Hard to Find’ the protagonist is the grandmother who seems to want to get attention from her extended family. She is also trying to influence the family to see the importance of her home in Tennessee so as to be able to bring back the memories but the family displays no form of interest at all and they seem to want to do their own things. Her family did not seem to care about her and even when she claimed that she had suffered injuries from the accident, it seemed that everyone just minded their own business as if she held no importance to them. In the second story of ‘A Rose for Emily’, the author brings out Emily as the protagonist. She is seen as a strong and mean character that would not have compassion for others and seemed quite proud. However, despite this strong characteristic, she was weakened by the love towards a man who at the end of it all broke her heart and made her to make some choices that were not quite for her own good.

In ‘A Good Man is Hard to Find’, the grandmother has an antagonist who is the son that is not interested in anything that she said. The mother to the boy also seemed to have the same attitude towards the old woman. In ‘A Rose for Emily,’ Homer Barron comes out as the antagonistic character since he seems to be much different from Emily. He seemed to love and enjoy life and he lived in a manner in which he deemed best for him as well as for his desires.

In ‘A Rose for Emily’, the tax collectors and the other crowds that are spoken of are quite important since they bring out the true character of Emily and how she thought of herself to be highly placed as compared to the other people. The pharmacists is also brought in to bring out the character of the people in the society who do not care about others and may indirectly contribute to the harm that others end up facing in their day to day lives.

The ‘It is Hard to Find a Good Man’ story takes place in a rural setting. This is indicated by the description of the roads which are said to be rugged and dusty. The way in which the women are dressed up also means that they were in a more traditional setting. The hunting activities also bring out the same. The story also brings out the aspect of the woods whereby there is a part that indicates that Bobby Lee got out of the woods and stood at the ditch as he watched the grandmother who lay in a pool of blood. The journey that they took initially also seemed to be taking quite a long time hence it means that they would travel through roads to the rural areas in the state or even a different one. The story takes place in the 19the century. The story about Emily takes place in a more advanced setting maybe in the 20th century because of the description that exists such as the dress code, way of living and the description of their houses as well. The decorations of the house also bring out the tie period of the setting of this story in particular. It is said that the house was decorated with spires as well as cupolas that filled the balcony. The sue of some words such as the negro brings out the fact that the story happened in the earlier years since then the use of the word Negro was still highly acceptable by the society and widely used as well. The settings of the stories also play a big role in compelling the protagonists to go into action since it allows them to be able to express themselves according to the norms that have been accepted by the society in general. The different characters choose to solve their conflicts in different ways. Some choose to try and use some form of dialogue so as to get the important points across while some seems to give up and choose to end their lives so as to run away from the conflict which is impending.

The theme of the ‘It’s Hard to find a good man story, brings out the idea that society has changed over time and that the old notion that older and mature people had the power to make decisions for the younger generation has been eroded. The grandmother is quite unnoticed and it seems like her family do not care whether she dies or lives. According to their words, there would be no difference whether the woman lives or dies. The grandmother called Bailey boy out of concern when she heard gunshots fill the air. The religious nature of the older generations is brought across especially when the grandmother becomes disturbed by the words of the Misfit and suggests that the people should all start to pray instead. She also emphasized the word pray so much showing how important that move was to her. The story also brings about the lack of morals that the younger generations had. The Misfit claims that he had been married twice, worked as an undertaker and even having seen a man being burnt alive. The Misfit continued to say that he found out that crime did not matter and that anyone can do the unacceptable actions to others such as murder or other destructive activities since in the long run, the same might also happen to anyone whether innocent or guilty or whether they are deserving or not. He speaks in a manner that depicts that he really does not have empathy and regret for these actions. To him all these events seemed quite normal. This brings out the pessimistic attitude of the people especially those who seemed to have been undergoing difficult times during their normal lives. The theme of a rose for Emily is such that relationships are known to have a strong effect on people no matter how strong they appear to be. This is evidenced by the fact that Emily got in a position whereby she could not contain herself and was even forced to lock herself for years in her own house. Both stories bring out the fact that there has been a decline in the morality of the society since people seem to accept vices into their lives and chose to live a life that does not observe proper rules and acceptable behavior.


Faulkner, William (1897-1962) A Rose for Emily.

O’Connor, Flannery (1925-1964) A Good Man is hard to Find.



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