The future of trade pearls in the UAE is bright

The main idea

The future of trade pearls in the  UAE is bright DPE Dubai pearl exchange This platform was created in 2009.  Dubai pearl Exchange was created to provide a central event and coordinating industry that leads individual and companies to share and come together to come up with information and insight to each other in the industry. (Schwab, 2009)

Skills + expertise to culture pearls “industry” It is worth to note that the pearl industry needs skills in getting the pearly from the sea (Eyring, Lim & Danish, 2014). The procedure of ensuring that the pearl are transformed to the right products, the ability of differentiating fake and real cultural pearl and skills on how to denote the price of pearl is worth to note as an expertise ((Eyring, Lim & Danish, 2014).)

The price of pearls

the prices of pearl trade is increasing with time

Moreover, many reports shows that the prices of pearl trade is increasing with time. In Dubai it raise from 22 million AED to more than 95 million AED, from 2007 to 2008. The numbers in the same period were increased for the import (15.6 to 40.1 million) and re-export (6.4 to 45.6 million) as well. (Sambidge, 2009).

The future of trade pearls in the UAE is bright


Eyring, A. R., Lim, A., & Danish, T. (2014). Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority (DMCC): the transformation of a government-linked firm in Dubai.Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, 4(6), 1-19.

Schwab, K. (Ed.). (2009). The global competitiveness report 2009-2010. World Economic Forum.



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