The functioning of the human brain is depended on different factors including the conscious and the






Question 3:

The functioning of the human brain is depended on different factors including the conscious and the mind. According to Seale, the functional attribute of the mind denotes the ability of the brain to define mental phenomena like perceptions, beliefs and desires in light of their functions and how they relate with each other as well as the external world. In this regard, the brain is portrayed as a machine that can effectively use the mind to perform various internal and external functions. In other words, it is well versed with the different procedures and can employ them during the execution of different functions. The relative functions are usually computational in nature because they are based on a critical evaluation of a wide range of related factors in order to ultimately develop an informed decision. This is made possible by the mind that stores important mental contents that are employed in performing different functions.

In his Chinese room argument, Searle however indicates that the computer can not be likened or equated to the brain, regardless of the fact that it is also a machine that performs computational functions. The core of this argument rests on the conception that just as a human in a Chinese room can be able to employ English instructions to effectively manipulate Chinese symbols, the computer can also be able to use a program to manipulate the symbols accordingly. In this regard, the human follows instructions to develop perfect Chinese symbols but does not understand the meanings associated with the symbols. Likewise, the machine uses the syntax and a suitable program to manipulate the Chinese symbols effectively without being able to understand the language.

At this point, Searle argues that the main difference between the machine and the brain is the ability of the brain to think. Thus, if exposed to a similar process over time, the brain can be able to understand the process through its active thought process. The machine on the other hand can not be able to think and perform the functions independently even when it is exposed to the procedure for a long period of time. Further, it is worth appreciating that brains use minds and machines use programs. These are two different aspects with varied capabilities, attributes as well as intrinsic processes. For instance, a mind has consciousness while a program is an abstract feature that lacks this.

Other differences lie in the nature of operations of the programs and minds. In this regard, it is argued that the manner in which the brain triggers the mind to think is completely differently from the way the machine makes the program to work. While the former is indefinite, the later is distinct and can therefore be predicted. From this point of view, it can be ascertained that he brain is more powerful than the machine. This is because it can be able to perform more complex tasks indefinitely. Put differently, while the brain can be considered to be subjective and independent in nature, the machine is objective and depended because the output of its activities can be determined. Thus Searle succeeds in ascertaining the fact that while the brain is able to perform functions of a machine like a machine, a machine can neither perform the functions of the brain nor function as the brain.



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