The Difference Between the Quran and the New Testament in their

The Difference Between the Quran and the New Testament in their Passages of Jesus Christ’s Birth





The story about the birth of Jesus is one among many passages conveyed differently in two religious texts, the Quran and the New Testament Bible. The two books used by Christians and Muslims to guide their worship and beliefs have been subjected to scrutiny to determine their similarities and differences. This paper will compare the differences between the birth of Jesus passage in the Quran and the New Testament Bible.

The Quran dedicates a whole book called the Maryam to Mary’s encounters with the angels, her pregnancy, and the Birth of Jesus Jesus Christ. According to the Quran, Mary withdrew from her family and moved to the far east. This is where Allah sent His Angel Angel Gabriel, who took the form of a man, to talk with Mary and inform her that she was about to conceive a bay by Allah’s mighty powers. On the other hand, the story of the birth of Jesus in the New Testament is only but a part of the biblical gospels known as Matthew and Luke. According to the book of Luke, God sent Angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee where Mary lived with her family, to deliver the news that she would get pregnant by the power of the holy spirit. Mary, who was promised in marriage to a man named Joseph, was troubled by this news.

According to Maryam passage, Mary conceived Jesus and withdrew him to a remote place where the labor pains devastated her and drove her to a palm tree trunk. Unlike the Maryam passage, the book of Luke in the New Testament claims that Mary, with the help of Joseph, moved to Bethlehem to evade the census ordered by king Augustus, who aimed to find the Messiah and kill him. Mary gave birth to baby Jesus in a stable and placed him in a manger because all the inns in Bethlehem were full. The distinct differences in the two tales of Jesus Christ’s birth prove that the New Testament bible and the Quran are different despite serving the same purpose as religious books.



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