The Difference and Similarities Between my College and Social

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The Difference and Similarities Between my College and Social Media Writing

Most of my college writing is formal, with a set of rules and guidelines to facilitate their simplicity and comprehensiveness. On the other hand, my social media writing is usually informal because, unlike most of my college writing, they are not graded, nor do they contribute to my overall college performance. My social media writings aim to present a specific message depending on the picture attached, the activity it represents, or my mood when posting it. I carry out my school writing a lot more seriously because it has to be researched and presented according to the professor’s instructions as far as the assignment is concerned. The lecturer gives out instructions and a rubric to guide the school writing most of the time. Failure to follow these rules in my writing will cost me some marks when the paper is graded.

Additionally, my school writing is continuous and follows a specific chronological. For this reason, it has a submission date. Once my school writing is submitted, I cannot alter or delete it. Some lecturers might give room for revisions, though, but not all the time. On the other hand, my social media writing has no deadline to beat. I get to post my writing whenever I want to without anybody questioning my timing. I can also post as much writing as I want on my social media platform. I can also delete my posts whenever I want to without any protocols or challenges

Like my school writing, I research some of the social media writing I post. Informative social media posts demand facts, requiring me to research and provide accurate information. Research expands my knowledge base and understanding of an issue in both my social media and school writing. Both writings are essential to me because they present an opportunity to express myself and my understanding of concepts and issues they discuss.



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