The Debate on the Mexican Border Wall

The Debate on the Mexican Border Wall

A clear majority of Americans oppose the construction of the Mexican border wall. Democrats and Republicans are in favor of alternative solutions which include immigration reforms. Congress is working on proposals to prevent hiring undocumented immigrants, in addition to proposals to make it easier for immigrants to be hired legally. Americans do not understand why the nation should spend between $15 and $25 billion on the wall considering the government already spends heavily on the current security system along the border. There are more than 20,000 border patrol agents, with physical barriers, advanced technology, and aerial surveillance along the 1,954miles Mexican border. Already, there is approximately 1,350 miles of fencing which include the border fence, secondary fencing, pedestrian fencing, and tertiary layers that prevent illegal crossings (American Immigration Council, 2019).

The activities of the Department of Homeland Security that indicate the department is above environmental laws is another thing Americans have an issue with. Since the border region is home to many species of wildlife, especially endangered species such as the Mexican gray wolf, the Sonoran Pronghorn, and the jaguar, interfering with their natural habitat would result in potential harm. The wavering of environmental laws could also impede the natural flow of rivers like the Rio Grande River and the natural flow of floodwaters.


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