The data for the study was collected through a face to face interview with the participants

Qualitative Research

The data for the study was collected through a face to face interview with the participants who expressed their views and concerns on the changes regarding education. In a free atmosphere, the participants were able to air their satisfactions and dissatisfactions freely highlighting the matters that they felt were of concern to them. As such, comprehensive data, was compiled for the study.

Considering that the research was centered around matters concerning education, university students were chosen as the ideal correspondents. The participants were drawn from the varied schools and genres in Shenandoah University and had varied cultures and modes of study. To achieve validity and quality of the research, both genders were included.

The Correspondents’ Needs

The biggest concern expressed by the correspondents was the relevance of the units offered by the varsity. Some expressed the desire to handle only subjects/units that directly concerned their majors and considered the varied minors as partly time wastage. For instance, a student majoring in Biology saw little relevance in handling art subjects.

They also expressed the desire to have improved lessons that had more student engagement through lively and appropriate methods employed by the teachers. Lectures that were delivered by monotonous lectures who had little concern on student participation have become hardly bearing and as such, the students’ interests in the fields are petering. The correspondents expressed interests in lessons that involved more lively lecturers.

The other issue of significance was also the lack of motivation that the learners were subjected to some tutors. There was the desire to feel appreciated and understood. As such, the correspondents made a proposal that the teachers should fairly award the extra credit to help them compensate for unavoidable inconveniences. Meanness of the teachers had only served to demoralize the students and diminish their interests in the units.

The respondents also raised issues with the registration process. Students were concerned about how the whole process is complicated. They suggested that for them to develop early interest on the subjects, they must get easy access to the lecturers for further clarification on the whole course content.

There were also concerns with the size of the classes. The respondents felt that the number of students per class should be small since participation of every member of the class is guaranteed in such settings. Lecturers get easy access to every student and students also participate fully for effective learning process where students show satisfaction.




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