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From the reading of Chapter 3 on food, the current food production level in the world today is enough food for everyone. It is evident that food production has kept up with population growth. Global food production is incredibly efficient. The world’s farmers generate sufficient food to feed the worldwide population. Food supplies were approximately 25% higher per person at the beginning of the twentieth century than they were in the early 1960s, and the actual price of food was 40 percent lower.

More than adequate food is produced to feed the worldwide population around the world, but more than 690 million individuals are still hungry. After hunger progressively declining for a decade, it is again affecting 8.9 percent of individuals globally. From 2018 to 2019, the number of malnourished persons grew by 10 million, and there are approximately 60 million more malnourished individuals these days than in 2014. Every day, 25,000 individuals and more than 10,000 children perish from hunger and related causes. Poverty is the leading cause of hunger in the universe. Some of the causes of world hunger include climate change, inequality, poor education, limited capacity of the government, and inadequate access to nutritious food and clean water. Most starving individuals live in extreme poverty, defined as an income of $1.90 per day or less.

Food affects development in a way that undernutrition during childhood results in children having less interest and energy for learning, which negatively affects academic performance and cognitive development. On the other hand, development affects food in a way that helps reduce the misery of hunger in the world. Development eradicates hunger and prevents all forms of malnutrition. It also increases investment actions to improve nutrition and diets.



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