The current economic climate

1. Identify and explain how the current economic climate might dictate the major themes of public sector management going forward.

The current economic climate is called the economic policy which favours privatization and liberalization hence there is mixed policy of disinvestment and nationalization. Public sector was viewed as a very important sector during the growth phase of the economy where government control was En as very necessary to spur on production manufacture and infrastructure as well as create jobs and look for new employment opportunity. This was looked at with great interest. Now with dynamic shifts towards private sector public sector has been limited to very important welfare industries and key sectors.

The major theme of public sector management is to provide an equitable climate for growth and expansion and welfare opportunities for all. The corporate social responsibility that public sector has is aimed solely at bringing in equitable distribution of wealth and retaining certain very important portfolios like defense and education and infrastructure with the government. This has also become privatized in the wake of inefficiencies red tapism and beauraracry that has hampered the growth of the public sector.

The climate has more been inclined towards the private sector with strict regulation and policy from the government. This is viewed more as a good solution. The private sector brings with it new ideas, creativity and the much needed management expertise and strategy and the diversity of periphery relating to growth and new strategies. Public sector management will have to undergo a paradigm change to become more inclusive in adapting to changes in strategy and look at changes that can be implemented successfully. Since the public sector has a very important role to play in any country’s economic model it is very important the public sector be managed well and efficiently.2•Based on all that you have learned in this course and what you know about current events, analyze and take a position on the future of public administration in the next presidential administration.

The future of public administration lies in governance that is so central to economic growth fueled by all other macroeconomic inputs. The presidential administration will have to look at ways to bring about the management of monetary and fiscal deficits that the country is facing. The balancing act of preparing the country’s budget though originally vested with the federal reserve should now be made more autonomously with great powers given to departments to accept that working on a synergized mode will promote better budgeting. Health and welfare concerns are very critical and hence public administration will have to come up with radical measures to bring in that very important policy measure for health care and welfare. Administration should become more pragmatic and forthcoming instead of looking backward and resting in glory. Public administration has been bogged by irrational attitudes and thoughts of a conservative few. Changes have to be incorporated on a war footing if the newer version of political science and public administration has to take off and bring in the necessary tools of good governance to people and citizens. The divide that is clearly indicated should now become one and states and federal governments should look at public administration as a tool to serve people.



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