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The current crisis in Ukraine, as a result of Russia declaring war on the country, has presented massive displacement of people from both countries. Citizens of Ukraine have been left with no option other than to seek refuge from neighboring countries such as Poland, as they fear losing their lives in the unjustified war against their nation. Their counterparts from Russia have been indirectly affected by the war in that they fear imprisonment by their government when they engage in protests against Russia’s involvement in the war. Nations across the globe have varying opinions regarding the conflict, with some supporting Russia’s cause to invade Ukraine, claiming that it was justified as the Western countries failed to honor the agreement of not extending NATO to the Soviet nations. However, others are opposed to this cause claiming that it may trigger World War III, as nations supporting each side may be agitated and forced to join the war. Currently, Poland has prepared and put her military on standby mode, and many nations have done so. Although the potential threat of igniting WWIII may be a good reason for the U.S. and NATO to not intervene militarily in Ukraine, they should intervene because the countries involved are now being embroiled in a civil war. The second reason for the need to intervene is to maintain peace within the country and to fight off any potential threats that lead to WWIII. The third reason is to protect the lives of U.S. and NATO troops, who are stationed in Ukraine as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

One of the reasons why the U.S and NATO should intervene by taking their military in Ukraine is because the countries involved are now being embroiled in a civil war. Russia is trying to justify its cause of invading Ukraine. Russian President Putin claims that he has no intention of occupying Ukraine, but this is a warning to the U.S and NATO for breaking the pact made between the Western countries and the Soviet Union that there would be no extension of NATO membership. However, NATO has continued to ignore this pact and recently wooed Ukraine to join its course, completely undermining Russia. Russia made several attempts to have NATO stop its membership, and thus, the conflict with Ukraine can be said to have been triggered by the U.S and NATO, as they promised protection to Ukraine once it joined. Once the U.S and NATO decide to intervene militarily in the Ukraine conflict, there will be a potential threat of igniting WWIII. This is because the Russian government has warned the U.S. not to intervene militarily in Ukraine. The Russian government believes that if the U.S and NATO decide to intervene militarily in Ukraine, this will be a step toward WWIII breaking out. Therefore, the U.S and NATO need to consider several factors to determine whether or not to intervene. However, failing to intervene only poses more challenges, including a civil war between the two countries and even loss of lives of U.S. and NATO troops, thus, indicating the need for intervening. With the civilians in Ukraine being armed and trained for war, there is a high chance that this war will escalate, resulting in more casualties and displacement as they seek peace and safety in their lives. U.S and NATO need to intervene and put this madness to a halt, preventing the war from escalating to a global scale.



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