The cult is composed of some extreme practices that do not conform to the current religious groups a

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Bromley & Shupe “The Tnevnoc Cult”

The cult is composed of some extreme practices that do not conform to the current religious groups and their practices to a great degree. However, they talk a lot about the willingness to please the almighty and the challenges which come with it. The Tnevnoc Cult focuses on making a person forget who they were and get a new life; however, this is not possible without efforts and many sacrifices that they are very good at. The culture and the cultural practices of the members are not very shocking. Rather they make me feel bad and pity for them. This view and feeling are because sometimes people pressure themselves so much for what is not worth the effort, and therefore it is better to live a good life rather than kneeling before a person to give them food (Bromley, 363).

These acts of allegiance are very extreme, and this is against a person’s life since human beings are social, and their social life should not be cut to follow a religion or a god. This cult makes life very difficult for its members by prescribing almost mandatory fasting (Bromley, 362) and food deprivation alongside other practices which do not give them a chance to remember who they were (Bromley, 362). Therefore the general view of this religion is that it is awful, and it was especially wrong since they recruited members when they were teenagers, and when they were naïve, this can be said to have been destroying the lives of the recruited members.

These practices are not completely different from our daily struggles to please God. However, the strictness with which they followed every single part of what they were doing is what makes it different from how we try to deal with the issue of religion. Therefore, it reflects daily struggles people have and, to a very large extent, other religious groups, as stated in the texts, which are the unification and the divine light mission. Therefore it is a cult that is of essential consideration in our lives and reflects who we are in light of it. Apart from this, it is an opportunity for us to take care of ourselves and our loved ones from getting into such kinds of cults that prevent a person from their freedom and lead them into endless and purposeless suffering and lack of purpose (Bromley, 364).

Work citedBromley, David G., and Anson D. Shupe Jr. “The tnevnoc cult.” Sociological Analysis 40.4 (1979): 361-366.



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