Test Three HURSTHOUSE 2. Does Marquis show that Warren and Thomson are mistaken in their arguments i

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Test Three HURSTHOUSE 2. Does Marquis show that Warren and Thomson are mistaken in their arguments in defence of abortion? 3. How would Hursthouse judge the arguments given by Thomson, Warren, and Marquis? ARISTOTLE 2. Explain Held’s distinction between “care as a virtue” and the “caring person.” 3. What does Held mean by “mutual autonomy 799 and how does it differ from traditional conceptions of autonomy? HELD 1. Explain the idea that a virtue is a disposition of character. 2. Why does Aristotle think it is necessary to be habituated into virtue? How is this to be done? 3. Explain the doctrine of the mean. TEST FOUR RAWLS 1. Explain what Rawls means by the “difference principle.” 3. What are Rawls’s objections to the systems of “natural liberty” and “liberal equality”? THOREAU 1. Why does Thoreau reject the argument that reform should take place via democratic processes? 2. Why does Thoreau regard withholding tax as less violent and bloody than paying it? KING 1. What, for King, is the purpose of direct action? 2. Why does disobeying an unjust law show respect for the law, according to King? 3. What fault does King find with the white moderates? MANDELA 1. Would Thoreau or King have rejected Mandela’s use of violence? 3. What similarities and differences are there in Mandela’s and King’s approaches to civil disobedience? YANCY & Butler 1.What would be wrong with replacing the slogan “Black Lives Matter” with “All Lives Matter”? 2. How, according to Butler, have unconscious racist attitudes led to the killing of black people by police officers? 3. How can whiteness be understood as a form as social power? Readings in Moral Philosophy by Jonathan Wolff (R) ISBN 978-0-393-92360-5
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