RN standard for practice 1.2 requires you to develop practice through reflection on experiences, kno

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RN standard for practice 1.2 requires you to develop practice through reflection on experiences, knowledge, actions, feelings and beliefs to identify how these shape practice (NMBA 2016).

This assessment task requires you to critically reflect on an online simulated scenario and its influence on your future practice. You are encouraged to relate this reflection to your anticipation for your upcoming PEP.

What do I need to do?

You will be provided with a choice of video of simulated clinical scenarios (refer to the ‘specific content guidance’ section below) which will become the foundation of your reflection. You are encouraged to look through all the scenarios to pick one that challenges you.

Once you have chosen ONE scenario to reflect on, you are to write a short paper (1200 words) on the scenario and its influence on your future practice using Driscoll’s (1994) Model of Reflection as the framework. Driscoll’s reflective cycle should be used to guide your reflection with clear delineation between the three reflective steps.


Assessment Criteria Measures Intended
Learning Outcome: Weighting  
Criterion 1 Demonstrate an ability to critically reflect on practice using Driscoll’s (1994) model of reflection ILO1 and ILO2 30%
Criterion 2 Relate reflection back to two key areas within practice which can be improved and identifies strategies to improve practice. ILO1, ILO2 and LO3 40%
Criterion 3 Communicate effectively using a well-structured and concise writing style. ILO4 15%
Criterion 4 Reference correctly using the Harvard Referencing system. ILO4 15%



You have three scenarios to select from. Your task is to only choose ONE to reflect on.

Virtual Simulated Patient Resources

Choose any ONE of the following scenarios

Example 1: Falls risk
Example 2: Agressive patient
Example 3: Ward round

You can access these scenarios, from the VSPR courses website

You will need to register to play this simulation. If you are having difficulty doing this, refer to the Accessing the Simulated Clinical Scenarios document for further instructions.  

Once you have chosen your scenario, looked closely at the rubric and other details outlined here, please visit the ‘tips and tricks’ page in this section where we will outline some tips and tricks for success in this assessment task. Keep in mind we will also have a webinar/drop in session where you can pop in and ask questions as well as a discussion board devoted to this topic. We want you to do well in this assignment as it is so important for registered nurses to be able to reflect on their practice throughout their careers.






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