Review the phases of the disaster management process and the disaster nursing competencies, and resp

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Review the phases of the disaster management process and the disaster nursing competencies, and respond to the following.

Briefly describe one disaster case scenario and explain the impact on environmental and population health in the community or region affected.
How might the MSN-prepared nurse be involved during the disaster management process?
What are two priority competencies for the MSN-prepared nurse in this situation? Explain the impact of those competencies on the disaster management process.Need assistance responding to peer

Peer response 

Disaster management process in order includes: prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery. Examples of nursing competencies seen throughout the processes are policy development and planning, risk reduction and disease prevention, ethical and legal practice, accountability, communication and collaboration, risk management and care of the community, and long-term recovery of those affected (International Council of Nurses, 2019). Disasters can be classified as man-made, natural, or epidemics. One example of a disaster case scenario is the Covid-19 Pandemic. There is no doubt that the occurrence of this widespread disease has affected countless individuals on a national and global scale, impacting population health and environmental across many regions and communities. The Covid-19 pandemic negatively impacted environment health by affecting water quality, air quality, and waste management. The negative impact on population health is evident as numerous individuals have died and suffered acute and chronic health changes. Additionally, this pandemic affected population health on a greater scale, leading to financial instability, psychological problems, and quality of education for children.

The MSN-prepared nurse can be involved during the disaster management process by contributing advanced nursing skills on a primary, secondary, and tertiary level. For example, identifying risk assessment and population health needs within a community, population, or region. Two priority competencies for the MSN-prepared nurse in this given situation/pandemic would be safety and security, and recovery. Safety and security is an important competency as it allows us MSN-prepared nurses to implement public health measures to guide healthcare officials to safe and effective decision making during such catastrophic events like Covid-19 pandemic. The impact of this competency would allow necessary collaborations to provide timely infection control practices and actions plans. Recovery is an important competency in disaster management process because it permits MSN-prepared nurses to take steps to facilitate for the community to restore pre-disaster living and daily life activities. This nursing competency facilitates effective communication, responsibilities, and community needs of the recovery phase.

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