Primary motor cortex serves a significant role in generation of speech by humans when they communica

Answer to the Questions




Question 1: Primary motor cortex serves a significant role in generation of speech by humans when they communicate to each other. It coordinate all human movement, and when it comes to speech, primary motor cortex comprises of vital body organs that help in production of sound or vice and articulation of words in a fluent speech that other can understand. As such the primary motor cortex influences that production of sound by the lynx (which makes speech audible) and control involuntary movement of the mouth, lips, jaws, and the tongue to articulated word and influence facial expression which accompanies speech. Primary motor cortex contains a laryngeal motor cortex which coordinates over 100 muscles necessary for swallowing the generation of speech. Through these muscles, it involuntarily coordinates breathing, facilitates tonal variations such as talking and singing among other. Finally, the Primary motor cortex has nerves that relay information from the brain to the muscles involved in speech and as such can enable people to learn a language and articulate word after getting the right pronunciations.

Question 2: Humans have numerous communication disorders that make it difficult for them to communicate. However, understanding how humans communicate can facilitate the creation of therapies that can help those with communication disorders to learn how to communicate. In this regard, understanding the basic neurology of normal human communication is instrumental developing knowledge about human communication and its disorders. Knowledge about basic neurology of normal human communication helps us understand how different organs function as a system to enable people to communicate. In case of poor communication, it is possible to determine the cause of the difficulties or a disorder, and thus the specific cause can be addressed through appropriate therapy such as speech therapy. This way, communication disorder can be cured.



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