Primary Aims in Human lives

Primary Aims




Like any other human being, we all have our life dreams and desires that my either come to be realized or not. Although, under normal circumstances, no one would love to lose out on his or her dream, the really often dawns on us and we fail to realize our goals and dreams. For the fortunate minority, this happens as they end up meeting their life goals and dreams, what a joy for such groups. As for the majority, failure to achieve life desires marks a new beginning. However, a small number of the minority fail to recognize such failure as an opening to a new course, instead, the dark ages commences. Having fallen among the large groups (the failures), I opted to the second best alternative at my disposal as at then. Although against my will, I had to settle for medical practice. This was contrary to my childhood dream career of becoming a pilot. Indeed, I was very passionate to becoming one of the great pilots in history, a dream that was buried by the prevailing circumstances. I was a childhood admirer of aviation and piloting, having been introduced to the field by my late uncle who served the military in the capacity of Air Commander. During his service at the U.S military, uncle Reagan spend most of his work time travelled across the world in the company of his co-pilot. On occasions, his family could join him and take a tour to a number of continents. This inspired me to live to the same heights when I grew up, little did I know that “it takes more than mere passion to achieve one’s desires and primary goals”. My years of love for flying the skies came to an end when I lost my parents in a tragic air crash. My guardians lacked enough resources to meet the financial requirements for joining an aviation school. So what was next for me? This was the question that kept lingering in my mind for a couple of months as I waited for fate to decide my destiny. I finally landed a scholarship to pursue medicine. Although it was never in my mind being a doctor, fate made me whom I am today.

My dream was to become a pilot and tour all the global leading tourists’ destinations and enjoy the universe. The second reason for dreaming about becoming a pilot was driven by the love for charity engagements. I believed that through aviation and piloting, I would lead an affluent lifestyle that would be characterized by financial stability. Having watched my children in the Sub-Saharan Africa suffer from poverty, it was my desire that I would one day contribute to charity organizations that are responsible for handling the affairs to the marginalized population in the world. By so doing, I am sure I would have positively impacted on someone’s life and saved such innocent children from succumbing to lacking of food, water, and sanitation. Unexpectedly, even with my current profession, I have at least made a mark in someone’s future. Although I have not lived to my expectations of charity donations, I have worked with charity foundations that provide medical care to the marginalized populations, particularly the refugees. This has represented partial fulfillment of my dream marks. Despite the major setbacks that have come with the profession, I have lived to accept my new calling with no regrets or looking back. I therefore advise each one of you that failing to realize your dream career or profession is a beginning to better opening that you should explore without limits.



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