Preparing to Watch Paterson

Preparing to Watch Paterson


After you have watched the film, hopefully for the second time, respond in your Paterson Journal to the following questions.  Again, copy/paste or use a text box.  Respond in complete sentences and short paragraphs, using detail and dialogue wherever possible.

And, now that you have analyzed two films by the same director, think back to the earlier film and draw comparisons between Jarmusch’s works.

1. Explore the importance of the poetic process in the film.

2. What different perspectives toward poetry, creativity, or artistic expression can you find here?

3. What do you make of the coincidences in this story?

4. Explore the theme of doubling. Why so many twins?

 5. Does the film follow a recognizable narrative structure? Is there a beginning, middle, end? Isthere a climax? A resolution?

6. How does the structure of the story reveal its major theme? Explore other themes such as direction, time, and spoken communication.

7. How does setting function? How does setting reflect character? Is the main character also thesetting, in a sense?

8. Does your familiarity with William Carlos Williams (Poetry module) afford any insight into a film about a bus driver poet named after a town which is also the name of a collection of poems by William Carlos Williams?


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