Positive Psychology in the United States

Positive Psychology in the United States

Life can be tough sometimes and challenges are unavoidable, especially with the current economic hardship in the country. Citizens are highly stressed more than ever. This is why demand for positive psychology is increasing daily. As it seeks to increase the psychological wellbeing of people, it enables them to navigate the upsetting lifestyle of this era more effectively and enjoy life despite them (Gable S. L., Haidt J., 2005).

People are more stressed nowadays mainly because of the ever rapidly accelerating pace of modern life and constant change, both human and natural. The world is more demanding. Prices of consumer goods and gas are on the rise day by day. This means people have to dig deeper in to their pockets for resources that are not even enough (Snyder C.R., 2005). Teenagers on the other hand are under pressure to pursue education as the only resort for better future. Their stress levels are higher than in the past. In most adults though, money and job stability are the major contributors to anxiety (Snyder C.R., 2005).

On a scale of 1-10, where 1 represents ‘not happy at all’ or ‘sad’, and 10 represents ‘happiest’, I can gauge my level of happiness at 7. This shows I am not badly off. My level of happiness is this better because I have learnt to live with others and the environment. Persons can enhance their own happiness by being self-aware, and speaking well with others. The art of forgiving, for example, can relieve one a lot of stress.



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