Politics And The Internet

Politics And The Internet

Internet has an impact on the society in general and in politics of the world. Interactions between the internet and politics are worldwide, and the former is affecting the latter regardless of their country. In Germany, it was the rising Pirate Party popularity while in Arab world Facebook and Twitter led to the fall of lifetime presidencies. Viral campaigns across the United States continue to determine the outcome of elections in the country, and the world at large is investing in the potential that e-government presents. That is e-government increases efficiency improves effectiveness and is faster. It is for such facts that Internet continues to shape the politics of the world regardless of the geographical location. The internet is a powerful tool in the politics of the world. Politicians and political analysts are increasingly acknowledging that the internet will define the future of politics.

February 2003 would be the month that political campaigns would receive a key tectonic shift. Howard Dean was the initiator of a program dubbed Meetup that allowed supporters of a given candidate to organize themselves. Arizona thereafter in the same year would become the first state to use online voter registration. Though Arizona was the first state, it would not be the last and numerous states followed the cue and implemented similar programs. Democratic Party online registration in 2004 was another milestone that would lead to changes in ways that political parties acquired funding. Internet is not only defining the ways that politicians do campaigns elections bodies are using it to register voters. In future analysts indicate that the internet will be a basic tool in any nation for the progress of democracy.

The future of politics will change. Internet will be a key player to these changes. Presidential elections in United States are approaching, and the internet will play a critical role in shaping this process and outcomes. It is a period that will have innovations that will turn heads worldwide. Recently, Scott Brown election in Massachusetts introduced newer technology. It is the use of an app running on Smartphone called Walking Edge that GOP candidates used. It would assist canvassers of Brown live location of supporters and undecided voters. This would give Brown an advantage over his competitors leading to his victory. This means that voter registration political funding and campaigns are the only way that the internet is altering politics. It is also helping political and campaign strategies real time information that assist them to make appropriate decisions. This is the future of internet effect on politics.

Democracies continue to face a myriad of challenges. Scholars believe that the internet will provide the needed solution. Recently, Twitter and Facebook arguably provided Arab world with solutions to their recurring democratic problem. Its future will provide a solution to problems that according to analysts are the shortcomings of democracies. This includes improving participation in political processes by societies. It will also provide an avenue that will hold healthy and intellectual discussions on issues that affect communities. Such advances will improve the interaction of communities not only within but also without the society. Internet is shaping politics in the world and improving interactions among societies. It is a tool that will become basic for the advancement of world politics and democracy. Internet has the potential of providing the world with solutions to democratic issues.



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