Political Science Exam


Global Trade and Production

Q. 2

What factors affect leadership positions on trade policy?

Political, economic, social, and cultural factors may all be categorized as reasons why governments decide to meddle in commerce. The government of a country may try to safeguard certain professions or sectors for political reasons. For purposes of national security, several industries—such as the military, telecommunications, and infrastructure—might be considered crucial. A government could be concerned about who manages the ports inside its own borders, for instance. Problems with national security may have a detrimental influence on a nation’s imports as well as exports. This is so that advanced technical secrets are not sold to adversarial foreign interests, since certain countries do not want this to happen. When they believe that another country is being treated unjustly politically or economically, the governments of certain countries turn to trade as a method of retribution. Governments, on the other hand, have the power to affect business in order to recompense nations for their political support on global concerns.

Q. 6

I have chosen to focus on global trade and production because of the significant role it plays in contemporary society. The world’s economy has become more interconnected as a result of globalization, and international trade accounts for a significant share of the economies of the majority of countries. Understanding the dynamics of global trade and production is important. Consumers benefit from having more options, and businesses are compelled to provide products that are both high-quality and economical as a consequence of the increased competition caused by this strategy. Additionally, political, economic, social, and cultural factors affect how nations participate in trade and their competitive production advantage.



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