Please, can you respond to this post from a classmate of mine. Thanks     Some ethical and legal i

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Please, can you respond to this post from a classmate of mine. Thanks



Some ethical and legal issues that may arise from alarm fatigue are desensitization to alarms, improper use of equipment such as constant overriding, disruption in patient care, patient injuries, and sleep deprivation in patients. According to Patricia West (2014) “Unfortunately with the growing number of patients requiring medical technology monitoring, the alarm sounds echoing in the clinical practice area are increasing at a colossal rate resulting in nurses subjected to too many alarms triggering an issue for concern called alarm fatigue.” With so many sounds and vibrations occurring throughout the hospital it’s overwhelming for faculty to distinguish what is what and what sound is coming from where. There are so many alarms going off, some louder and more critical than others, and sometimes simultaneously. Certain alarms are easier to distinguish but when alarms from IV pumps go off most of the time it’s because the patient is bending their arm, air in the line or the line is occluded. Many nurses are so accustomed to overriding without even really reading the machine. It’s important to read what the alarms are ringing about because it may have been the same reason the past 5 times when checking in but there’s always a chance that this time can be different. One solution to alarm fatigue can be adjusting the parameters on the machines, by doing so will decrease the amount of alarms going off. Another solution can be making sure tools are properly charged throughout the day and changed if needed. If a device needs to be updated or fixed it’s important to make sure that this gets done asap in the shift. Always make sure that what’s needed to be plugged in is plugged in properly with no tangled cords. The bed alarms at my facility are plugged into the wall so when an alarm goes off it signals outside the room and to the nurses station indicating which room the alarm sound is coming from. Without this, it becomes difficult sometimes almost a game trying to figure out where the alarm is coming from. Winters (2018) notes “Because alarms are necessary, we need to understand how to best design and implement them to optimize their accuracy.” These machines are put in place in order to prevent medical errors from happening and make our work a bit easier.




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