Placentia Library District

Special districts are quite clearly one of the least known aspects of local government, not only in California, but nationally. These agencies carry out a variety of tasks—cemeteries, airports, hospitals, water, park and recreation, you name it; everything else, if you will, that is not done specifically by counties, cities, or school districts. And, in this writing assignment, each of you has been assigned a special district in California to write about.

Next to your name is the California special district that you have been assigned. And, below your name is the web-link to that special district. As you explore the provided web-sites, please discuss some things:

  1. What is it that your assigned special district does? Specifically, what services do they provide?
  2. How are they governed? Specifically, are they elected or appointed? If they are elected, is it by districts or at-large? And, if they are appointed, who appoints them?
  3. Finally, what is currently happening in your assigned special district? What updates do they have?

As usual, a minimum of 250 words are required, and make sure to post the web-link of your assigned special district. This is due Sunday, May 7th, by 8:59PM. Scoring rubric: 250 words (up to 12.5 points); assigned special district source web-linked (up to 12. 5 points. Total: 25 points


Lau, Y L: Placentia Library District


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