Paramedic Australia 1. The Australian Industry and Skills Committee have defined an overview of the

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Paramedic Australia

1. The Australian Industry and Skills Committee have defined an overview of the information and data on the Ambulance and Paramedic sector and workforce in Australia regarding IRC and Skills Forecasts, Employment trends, Training trends, Industry insights, and many Links and resources regarding the Paramedical field here in Australia. 

To assist your research, see Paramedicine Role Descriptions by Paramedics Australasia: 

List the clinical role titles currently found within the ‘Professional’ and ‘Technical’ Streams of Paramedicine.  *Note: the scope of practice for individuals engaged within the field of paramedicine varies between jurisdictions, practice settings and engaging organisations.


2.  As per Question 1 above and the role(s) you identified, discuss your ‘duty of care’ responsibility relevant to the role and professional development and practice. An example is provided below to support your responses. Example: I will maintain my ongoing health and wellbeing to support paramedical operations and role requirements.


3. In consideration of the role(s) you identified in Question 1 and to review and improve your practices you must clearly understand your responsibilities and limitations as per the competencies required for the role. You are required to discuss and expand on the following two (2) identified paramedical competencies relevant to your identified role responsibilities (Q1). That is, identify what your actual responsibilities are related to the two (2) competencies identified below (4-6 dot points per competency) *You may conduct research on paramedical competencies, please reference your sources.

a. Practise within the legal and ethical boundaries of the role (what must you do?) 

b. Maintain fitness to practise in the role 


5. What are the ethical and legal areas you should consider when reviewing and improving your professional practice and development requirements? (4 dot points)


6.Identify two (2) support networks or services that you could access should there be a self-care or mental health and wellbeing issue identified. You may conduct some research if required. Please provide links or references in your response: 

For example: Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) 




8. Conduct a self-reflection activity responding to ALL the following prompts/questions. Your responses for this Self Reflection must be based on: 

a. Your current Paramedical Practitioner Healthcare role and workplace or 

b. You are required to respond in consideration of an ‘assumed or scenario’ role. (That is, pretending you are employed in a Healthcare organisation as a Paramedical Responder/ Practitioner) 

You must respond in consideration of a professional development plan to support your professional practice and relevant to: 

• Knowledge – what you know or understand 

• Skills – what you can do 

• Capabilities – how you can apply our knowledge and skills

Qa) What will be your key achievements in your paramedic role.

Qb)What do you consider to be your strengths in your role as a paramedic?

Qc)What do you identify as a weaknesses in your role as a paramedic?

Qd)What skills and knowledge could you build on to maintain the organisations values, diversity, legal and ethical requirements? (E.g. Emotional Intelligence) 

Qe) Do you have the relevant resources you need to perform your job and what additional resources would help you perform your job more efficiently?

Qf)What skills or knowledge would you like to acquire to achieve more in your role as a paramedic?

Qg)What can be done to increase your overall job satisfaction?

Qh)How would you assess the organisations communication?

Qi)How well informed are you of the information necessary to perform your duties efficiently and what additional information do you need? 

Qj)What are your long-term career objectives and what are your plans to accomplish these objectives as a paramedic?

Qk)How can you bring added value to the organisation? 

Ql)Considering your clinical skills, discuss any areas for development.




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