Moral responsibility refers to taking a position and taking action on an event or person. For that,

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Moral responsibility refers to taking a position and taking action on an event or person. For that, it is necessary to identify what criteria and cognitive references we have. When we study moral responsibility, we must distinguish whether the acts are consciously executed (intentional – free). Thinking or acting that is conditioned to the context and has not questioned or analyzed its origin (study and exercise of unit 1) lends itself to obeying norms that do not always respond to a good and threaten the freedom of the person.

(i) Why is it important to distinguish between human acts and acts of man? Give examples of both types of acts. What characterizes a human act? How does a human act originate? Once defined what a human act is, what would be the study of ethics?

(ii) Explain the notion of purpose or intention and how it is grounds for a moral assessment.


(iii)What  is an end? Summarize section 4 on purposes


(iv) Why is happiness considered the most important END in the human being


b) Topic: Freedom and obstacles to freedom (chapter IX and X). 

(i) What does it mean to be free? What does a person need to build his freedom? Which position denies human freedom?

(ii) Why is freedom exercised based on values? Explain section 2 of chapter ix.

(iii) What are the ways of perceiving values? Present examples.

(iv) Explain the classifications of freedom.


(v) Why is human freedom limited?


vi) Name and explain the 5 obstacles to freedom. Of the five studied, which one do you think dominates in human beings and what can we do to reduce it?





II. References: (Chap VIII, IX and X) Text: “Introduction to Ethics” by Raúl Gutiérrez Sáenz.

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