Janet is 81 years old and lives at home with her husband. She has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s D

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Janet is 81 years old and lives at home with her husband. She has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and has been hospitalized after a fall in her home. You are caring for Janet in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). She is preparing to be discharged home with her husband. He has been her caregiver for the last 5 years since the diagnosis of Parkinson’s. She feels she is a ‘burden’ to her husband due to her need for assistance with bathing and dressing. Janet is no longer able to assist with household duties or participate in quilting at her local church.

You are the nurse case manager for Janet. What referrals may she need prior to returning home?


What adaptive equipment may be helpful for Janet to be more independent with bathing/dressing when she returns home?


What modifications should be made to their home to ensure it is safe?


Describe the role of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy in the care of Parkinson’s Disease. 


How do these disciplines work together to provide coordinated care to Jane?


Two weeks later Janet has been readmitted to the hospital after sustaining yet another fall at home. In the ED, she was profoundly confused, lethargic, and incontinent. Her husband is beside himself, stating she was working with therapy, and getting stronger. During your assessment, you noted a scaly red rash on Janet’s legs. Her husband stated “we changed laundry detergents a week ago and she got that rash on her legs. I gave her some medicine for the itching.”


According to the Beer’s Criteria, what may be the source of Janet’s change in condition?


What else could be going on? Identify two other potential causes for her change in condition and provide the rationale for your thinking.
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