INSTRUCTIONS: For the following statements, circle T if the statement is true or F if it is 1. MSP f

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INSTRUCTIONS: For the following statements, circle T if the statement is true or F if it is 1. MSP fees are set through negotiation between MSC and Doctors of BC. 2. Missed appointments can be billed to MSP if the doctor desires. 3. A neonate is defined a child who is less than one year old. 4. Differential billing can be used when a patient is seen by a specialist without a referral from another doctor or person licensed to make such a referral. 5. With non-referred patients, the specialist can submit a bill to MSP at the GP fee rate. 6. In differential billing, the difference between the MSP GP fee and the specialist fee is paid by the patient. 7. Balanced billing is not permitted in BC at this time, except as defined by differential billing practices for non-referred patients. 8. Extra billing is legal for all physicians in BC. 9. Any physician may bill consultation rates and other items in the specialty sections of the Guide. 10. A consultation is a request by a patient for a second opinion. 11. A full consultation fee can be charged to MSP when a patient is referred even if no consult is requested. 12. A referral is always a request for consultation. 13. A referring physician can charge for supportive care hospital visits, one every two days for the first 10 days, on a transferred case if the patient’s condition warrants the visits. 14. Charges for non-medically required examinations that are necessary for a patient’s admittance to a long-term care facility or other institution are paid by MSP. 15. Newborn care is routine care of a healthy baby up to the age of 10 days and includes initial assessment and examination plus all appropriate subsequent visits. 16. If a routine visit is prolonged due to discussion relating to the patient’s condition, the physician may charge for a counselling visit. 17. The fee code 00120, a prolonged visit for counselling by a GP, has a maximum number of services of 6 per year. 18. Surgical fees include pre-operative care, the operation, and post-operative care. 19. The normal post-operative period is 6 months. 20. If a routine pelvic exam and pap are requested, the tray fee and visit are charged for the procedure. 21. The family physician may charge MSP for supportive and convalescent care for cases that the doctor has referred to a surgeon. 22. When two or more surgical procedures are carried out at the same time, full fees for all procedures can be charged in most cases. 23. Confinement fees are inclusive fees, which cover common obstetrical complications. 24. If an antibiotic injection is given during an office visit, the injection is considered part of the visit and no additional fee is charged. 25. Cosmetic surgery to restore or improve function to any area altered by trauma, disease, or congenital deformity is usually a benefit of MSP coverage. 26. The same doctor does two diagnostic procedures at the same time on the same patient. Both procedures are always billed at 100% of the listed fees. 27. Legal fees are a benefit of MSP. 28. Cosmetic surgery to alter changes in appearance due to aging is not a benefit of MSP. 29. A patient goes to the doctor’s office for the purpose of receiving a regular injection of vitamin B12 for his pernicious anemia. The doctor may bill MSP for the office visit rather that the injection because it is the more costly of the two fees. 30. A patient is scheduled for an office visit to remove a sebaceous gland cyst under local anesthetic. During the visit, the patient complains of ear problems. The doctor examines the patient, performs an otoscopy, and determines that the patient has otitis media and prescribes appropriate medication. The doctor may bill MSP for 100% of the more costly service and 50% of the other service.


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