In this neurology case study, you will simulate a patient visit. You will be asked a series of quest

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In this neurology case study, you will simulate a patient visit. You will be asked a series of questions regarding the patient’s education, monitoring, and follow-up plan. You will have the opportunity to listen to and to assess the patient during a neurological test. At the end of the scenario, you will have the opportunity to enter your name and print or save a summary of your answers.

Bonnie is a 70-year-old woman who lives alone. One evening, she felt light-headed and dizzy. When her head began to ache, she decided to take an analgesic and go to bed early.

Upon awakening the following morning, she was unable to move the bed sheets with her right arm. At this point, she was experiencing tingling sensations in her limbs, and she had difficulty keeping her balance. She dialed 911 for help, and by the time the ambulance arrived, she was confused and unable to articulate her words; although, she knew what information they were asking of her. In the hospital, she was examined and treated for an ischemic stroke.

Bonnie arrives at your office for a visit following her trip to the hospital. What follow-up questions do you ask her as follow-up from her ER visit? What questions should you ask her before starting a cognitive assessment?


Which type of neurological testing do you recommend for a patient who has had a stroke?


After completing the Neurology Case Study, answer the following questions about Bonnie to deepen your understanding.

Several variables may influence a decision whether to refer a patient to a neurologist.
Based on your assessment of Bonnie during the visit, would you refer her to a neurologist? Explain the reasons behind your decision.
What would be your follow-up plan with Bonnie?
Stroke, or brain attack, involves brain tissue injury. Describe ischemic penumbra and the factors that contribute to the survival of the neurons involved. What happens if the cells of the penumbra are unable to be preserved?
Compare and contrast hypoxia and ischemia. What condition is more dangerous to the brain? Explain your answer.
Knowing about the effects of ischemia on the brain, why would someone with ischemic stroke develop cerebral edema?
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