If you were to build a partnership between nursing and other disciplines to address a community heal

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If you were to build a partnership between nursing and other disciplines to address a community health concern you have (related to the patients you currently work with or related to a health concern you are interested in), what other groups would you want to work with? For example, if you work with COPD patients and want to develop more community resources for this population – who, other than nurses, would you reach out to in order to create a useful community-based resource? How would you foster these relationships?  Briefly, how would you build relationships, and with what groups or people?


For example, working with patients with COPD. Generally, they are older and many have been smoking for many years (ideally have some stats to cite, but not required). I would want to a community-based program that …. helps them access recreational resources like county/state parks that include resources along the way for them to rest, paths for wheelchairs, or volunteers to push wheelchairs…..OR…to set up a community setting for caregivers to meet to discuss the challenges of caring for a loved one who has COPD and continues to smoke by offering caregivers respite care or outings with other caregivers in the same situations….OR….create learning tools to help newly diagnosed patients with COPD learn how to use equipment and techniques to breathe easier during difficult moments.  


You would give one of those examples, then explain in more detail….to better access to large parks I would reach out to park rangers and respiratory therapists to identify what would be needed to make trails safe and accessible for people with oxygen tanks and/or wheelchairs. What would be needed for rest stations? What emergency measures could be in place? etc.   

For caregivers I would reach out to social workers, counselors, addiction specialists or Al-Anon (for nicotine addiction information), and respiratory therapists. I would ask for their help to develop training for support, teaching coping skills, arranging appropriate stress relieving activities, setting up respite care, etc. 


So – pick your population, the type of resource you would like to develop, what community partners in addition to nurses you would want to include (the more the better) and how to involve them. 

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