how would you respond to this in a discussion post ?   I would have to agree to the statement. As n

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how would you respond to this in a discussion post ?


I would have to agree to the statement. As nurses, it is our sole responsibility to fully and properly educate our patients about particular diseases, interventions, and how to take care of themselves. But also, I believe that everybody in the healthcare team should take part in educating our patients, not just us nurses.


The question of “Is there a failure with properly educating patients” is based on each person, the educator, and the patient themselves. I have a few experiences of nurses giving out no education at all but just a piece of paper to read, which a vast percentage of the patient will never read that discharge paper. Also, there are patients who would not comprehend anything regardless of how well the nurses educate them. So I feel like it varies, and it should not be like that. That is why many infections recur because of improper education or solely because the patient does not understand how the nurses educated them.


And, yes, the level of a Nurse’s education does matter. Because with healthcare, there are new discoveries every day. And nurses should be educated on the new information that is coming out. And that is why continuing education is essential for nurses. It is critical for nurses to continue their education in order to be well-positioned to improve patient outcomes. Nurses will be unable to educate patients and families about new discoveries or teachings connected to their disease process if they do not continue their education and learning.

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