how would you respond to this in a discussion post ?   I agree that the education of health profess

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how would you respond to this in a discussion post ?


I agree that the education of health professionals need to expand in tandem with scientific knowledge. I also agree that the failure to effectively educate clients with chronic illnesses amounts to a violation of the ethical responsibility of health professionals. This is because health professionals have an ethical obligation to deliver optimal care that improves the outcomes of their patients . The failure to educate their clients amounts to suboptimal care. It also amounts to a failure to observe the principle of non-maleficence, which requires health professionals not to cause harm. It is crucial that patients with chronic conditions are adequately educated so that they can participate in self-care. The failure to effectively educate them also leads to the potential for complications, which ultimately consume scarce health resources when these patients are re-hospitalized.

Nurses are part of the blame in the failure to effectively educate clients given that one of their main responsibilities is to patient education. As frontline care providers, nurses play an essential role in empowering patients to ensure that they achieve improved outcomes. It is therefore unethical when they are not effectively positioned to fulfill this essential role.

I believe that the nurse’ education level does matter. This is because the health care field is a dynamic field that requires the nurse to engage in continuing education to be able to effectively execute their role. Thus, it is imperative for nurses to keep advancing their education so that they are effectively positioned to advance patient outcomes.

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