HIST: US History Since 1865 (MULTIPLE CHOICE)

·       Question 2

0 out of 1 points


Which statement about the 2004 election is not true?


There was another recount of votes in Florida.


None of these.


The September 11 attack led a majority of the public to disapprove of President Bush.


·       Question 3

0 out of 1 points


According to the USA PATRIOT Act


the federal government no longer needs a warrant to monitor libraries, banks, bookstores and homes for suspected terrorists.


all men must register for the draft upon turning 18 or forfeit federal student aid for college.


federal employees are required to take loyalty oaths.


the federal government can deport anyone suspected of terrorist associations.


·       Question 5

0 out of 1 points


Which was an effect of the Great Recession?


Many European governments took over failed banks in their countries.


All of these choices


The U.S. Congress passed a $750 billion bailout for American banks.


·       Question 9

0 out of 1 points


After September 11, it became clear that the al Qaeda network operated from a base of power in









Saudi Arabia.


·       Question 11

0 out of 1 points


All of the following are true statements about the Great Recession that began in 2008 except


One contributing factor was a large number of housing loans made to unqualified buyers, who defaulted in large numbers.


Businesses stopped expanding and banks held onto their cash reserves, making new loans difficult to obtain.


It had a global effect, as countries such as Spain and Greece watched their economies fail, too.


Unemployment reached a high of 14 percent.


·       Question 12

0 out of 1 points


Which of the following is not an example of how Bush used September 11 to pass his conservative agenda?


He secured new laws promoting prayer in public schools.


He increased the size of the military.


He cut spending on social welfare programs.


He secured passage of the USA PATRIOT Act.


·       Question 13

0 out of 1 points


Going into the campaign of 2008, the Democrats sensed the possibility of victory because



the economy was in bad shape.


the world viewed America with disdain and distrust after its forays into Afghanistan and, more especially, Iraq.


they had a chance to expand social programs that Bush had cut at a time when people were pleading for help.


All of these choices.


·       Question 16

0 out of 1 points


The rationale given for attacking and invading the country of Iraq in 2003 was that



the country possessed weapons of mass destruction, of various kinds, that could be used against the United States.


Saddam Hussein had tried to have George W. Bush’s father, the former president, assassinated.


Iraq was one of the members of the “axis of evil” that was trying to take over the world.


Iraq posed an imminent danger to the sovereignty of the state of Israel.


·       Question 18

0 out of 1 points


What was the Bush doctrine?


The U.S. will only go to war in self-defense.


None of these


The U.S. will attack a foreign country preemptively, i.e., to stop future attack from that country.


·       Question 19

0 out of 1 points


Followers of Osama bin Laden and the al Qaeda network have harbored resentments against the United States for all of the following reasons, except



American politicians on the right have been increasingly motivated by religion.


Blowback from the days of the Cold War, when the United States supported Afghani Mujahideen only to fight the Russians.


American involvement in the Middle East.


American support for the state of Israel.


·       Question 20

0 out of 1 points


Which of the following is not a true statement about the election of 2008?


Obama’s message of practical centrism and working across the aisle resonated with voters.


Obama’s election as the first African American president was the culmination of the goals of the earlier civil rights movement.


The election was a close race between John McCain and Barack Obama.


If elected, John McCain would have been the oldest person elected to the presidency.


·       Question 21

0 out of 1 points


What were the reasons why Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda were so angry at the United States.



Cold War blowback and proxy wars in the Middle East.


American involvement and foreign policy tactics employed in the Middle East.


The interpretation of Islam to support the violent restoration of Sharia law.


All of these choices.


·       Question 22

0 out of 1 points


Which statement about the 2003 invasion of Iraq is false?



Congress and the United Nations approved the invasion, though not strongly.


U.W. forces discovered tons of nuclear and chemical weapons that Iraq was planning to use against the U.S.


Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was captured and eventually tried and hanged.


Many of President Bush’s advisors had also advised his father, who went to war in Iraq in 1991.


·       Question 25

0 out of 1 points


The Occupy Wall Street movement that emerged in the fall of 2011



had as its slogan “We are the 99 percent.”


inspired empathy movements in cities across the country.


emerged to tackle the growing gap in the nation’s wealth.


All of these choices.


·       Question 26

0 out of 1 points


Shortly after taking office, which of the following signaled a potential problem for George Bush from his own party?



His controversial plan to search for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.


Republican Senator Jim Jeffords declaring himself an independent.


His father’s record on the Middle East.


All of these choices.


·       Question 29

Question 30

0 out of 1 points


How many people died during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001?











·       Question 32

0 out of 1 points


Abu Ghraib refers to



a naval base in Cuba where U.S. houses prisoners.


a battle during the Iraq war.


an Iraqi prison where U.S. soldiers tortured and humiliated prisoners of war.


None of these choices.


·       Question 35

0 out of 1 points


Which was true of the election of 2004?


Teresa Heinz Kerry became the true center of attention during the campaign because of her tremendous wealth.


The approval ratings of President Bush remained high up through the close election.


Bush stated his belief that John Kerry had no clear understanding of the hearts and minds of the American people.


Vietnam veterans rallied support for John Kerry wherever they could, but he never had a real chance to win the election.


·       Question 37

0 out of 1 points


Which of the following best describes the Bush doctrine?


America will never cower in the face of threats from or actions of terrorists.


It is the right of the United States to fight a preemptive war, if necessary, against any nation that has caused harm to America or Americans.


It is the right of the United States to wage a preemptive war against any nation that might one day threaten the United States.


America will never negotiate with terrorists for any reason.


·       Question 39

0 out of 1 points


Kenneth Lay was the head of


the Enron Corporation.


the largest trailer manufacturing firm to receive orders from the federal government for Katrina victims.


Homeland Security after Michael Brown “resigned.”


the biggest “Ponzi” scheme ever perpetrated on the American people.


·       Question 40

0 out of 1 points


As a political movement, the Tea Party is characterized by


its free-market libertarianism.


its racism.


its efforts to end the war in Iraq.


its embrace of humanitarian issues and global social justice.





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