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FirstName LastName Company Address City County State ZIP Phone Fax Email Web Convert to Pig Latin
Eddie Vazquez Osweep Industries 14316 Hancock Circle Richdale Anchorage AK 99515 907-456-8510 907-456-2326 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Eddie Vazquez and they work for Osweep Industries
Chris Robinson Finch Products 2133 N West Street Deerford Maricopa AZ 85004 602-141-3716 602-141-2898 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Chris Robinson and they work for Finch Products
Brooklynn Taylor Prism Globe Inc 48 E 13th Blvd Corway Hills New York NY 10001 212-778-6886 212-778-6875 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Brooklynn Taylor and they work for Prism Globe Inc
Zion Miller Switch Pen Company 196 State Ave Lawnworth Middlesex NJ 8861 732-331-5270 732-331-4107 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Zion Miller and they work for Switch Pen Company
Ruby Flynn Snap Sun  Services 3175 W Carrier Lane Meadowburg Honolulu HI 96819 808-947-7855 808-947-7119 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Ruby Flynn and they work for Snap Sun  Services
Bob Lewis Code Planet Properties 22652 E Easton St East Fortview Lake Will IL 60410 815-356-3760 815-356-1330 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Bob Lewis and they work for Code Planet Properties
Susan Hernandez Light Table Bearings 9630 S City Ave Kingstown Reservoir Maricopa AZ 85051 602-842-3864 602-842-4662 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Susan Hernandez and they work for Light Table Bearings
Vicky Perez Lime Cake Records 7421 Jefferson Pkwy Hearthbridge Lehigh PA 18087 610-284-7632 610-284-5884 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Vicky Perez and they work for Lime Cake Records
Lee Hill Round Rock Engineers 884 W Glendale Rd Old Lindenfield Grove Los Angeles CA 91790 626-849-7849 626-849-2614 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Lee Hill and they work for Round Rock Engineers
Mary Edwards Simple Byte Technologies 6122 E Blue Vine Prkwy Upper Caldbrook Orange FL 32809 407-746-3200 407-746-1395 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Mary Edwards and they work for Simple Byte Technologies
Jennifer Davis Quicker Span Reviews 2598 Oak Rd East Maymeadow Shelby TN 38112 901-438-6447 901-438-4022 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Jennifer Davis and they work for Quicker Span Reviews
Michelle Martin Diamond Post Surveys 329 Brush Cir NW Belcove Marion OR 97302 503-260-7108 503-260-7000 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Michelle Martin and they work for Diamond Post Surveys
Conner Lee Cash Pad Loans 116 Rail Way Adamsfield Mahoning OH 44512 330-869-4252 330-869-4647 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Conner Lee and they work for Cash Pad Loans
Colin Brown Easy Rug Cleaners 1612 W Bay Rd Bridgeing Orange CA 92802 714-661-3939 714-661-2748 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Colin Brown and they work for Easy Rug Cleaners
Sheila Garcia Clear Blue Window Cleaning 152 Broad Ln Portcroft Cove Bexar TX 78205 210-340-4128 210-340-1086 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Sheila Garcia and they work for Clear Blue Window Cleaning
Rosy King Shots Manufacturing 6930 Bass Stream Blvd Old Clarksfax Hennepin MN 55428 763-426-3083 763-426-2774 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Rosy King and they work for Shots Manufacturing
David Baker Box State Trading Corporation 6728 Timbuck St Pittsfort Mahoning OH 44406 330-644-7457 330-644-9322 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is David Baker and they work for Box State Trading Corporation
Willa Roberts Low Sky Seating Company 1519 Hawk Ave Coleford El Paso TX 79925 915-660-1619 915-660-4618 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Willa Roberts and they work for Low Sky Seating Company
Tiana Williams Country Boxes 24969 Tibbs Circle Christiansmount Los Angeles CA 91355 661-368-4194 661-368-1035 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Tiana Williams and they work for Country Boxes
Douglas Ingram Quicker Cupcakes 3450 Lion Rd Brunsbeach Nueces TX 78408 361-773-7322 361-773-2874 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Douglas Ingram and they work for Quicker Cupcakes
Colt Lopez Case Electronics 370 Stock Ave Fort Hansville Middlesex NJ 8861 732-553-9625 732-553-2886 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Colt Lopez and they work for Case Electronics
Stephen Phillips Brown Technologies 1095 SW 2nd Rd New Hamford Vanderburgh IN 47713 812-310-3693 812-310-6514 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Stephen Phillips and they work for Brown Technologies
Catherine Smith Side Sauce Spices 140 E 4th Street Hempline Island New York NY 10018 212-830-5063 212-830-8652 [email protected] The Customer’s Name is Catherine Smith and they work for Side Sauce Spices
Calvin Morris

Zippy Sandwic

Step 1: Given a file of data, read the data and parse it based on a fixed given field headers. To download the file, select the following link: Unit 4 Sample Data. Eliminate the last column (Pig-Latin) in the data file.


The file is a comma delimited file with the following record structure:

  • FirstName – Character – Size (12)
  • LastName – Character – Size (16)
  • Company – Character – Size (32)
  • Address – Character – Size (32)
  • City – Character – Size (24)
  • County – Character – Size (24)
  • State – Character – Size (2)
  • ZIP – Number – Size (5)
  • Phone – Character – Size (12)
  • Fax – Character – Size (12)
  • Email – Character – Size (32)
  • Web – Character – Size (42)

Step 2: Write a complete C# program in console mode to load the data file as a sequential file using C# System.IO library into an ArrayList data structure (using the System.Collection library) Store each line in the file as a separate record.

Step 3: After the file is loaded into the ArrayList, sort the data in ascending order based on the LastName field and Display the following fields:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company

Step 4: Next, sort the data in descending order based on the ZIP field, and display the following fields:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company
  • ZIP

Step 5: Display all the records (and all its fields) for everyone that is in the state “NY.”

Step 6: Submit the source code for the solution and the output screenshots for the following list. You can use any appropriate algorithm in the solution.

  1. Sorted data based on last name
  2. Sorted data based on ZIP
  3. Everyone in the state of NY

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

Course Materials



supply screen shot when done

79 W Broadway Ave


Franklin OH 43215 614-114-7890 614-114-5010 [email protected]

The Customer’s Name is Calvin Morris and they work for Zippy Sandwiches





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