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1. How has gendered name-calling, such as joking that a guy is a ‘fag’ or a girl is a ‘dyke’, maintain clear-cut gender boundaries. What consequence(s) does this have for gays, lesbians, and heterosexual girls? Your reaction must be a minimum of 300 words

2. Respond to this in 150 minimum words:

We live in a world that loves to live in the gray area. Nothing much anymore is necessarily black or white but for some things not much has changed and more people than not agree on this one. Social construction of gender. How does it affect us? Well a lot of people say it starts from the moment a child is born. They start learning and growing up. Certain things shape the mind. For instance a boy playing with a baby doll or a little girl playing with hot wheels. Whatever the scenario, most believe that is where influence and the shaping of their life will take place. Now I do agree with some parts of that. I believe young minds’ interpretation of things will shape them into who they become. Although I do not think if a little boy plays with a doll or a girl plays with some cars they will grow up and choose to be different from who they really are. People tend to freak out about some things that do not amount to anything more than what it really is. Like a woman with short hair makes her nothing more than a woman with short hair. Some of the most girly and feminine women I know keep a short haircut. It is just hair preference, not who they are. Careers and jobs often get a clear cut label for the most part as well. Although things are evolving and a job does not hold as much as it used to on feminine or masculine. But for instance a male hairdresser or a woman farmer. Each career has had a label placed or what gender should hold the role but it is just a job of interest and something they choose and enjoy. It does not change who they are and we should stop making assumptions that it does.


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