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Hello, my name is . I am single and originally from North Dakota.  North Dakota today still has many strong German and Scandinavian traditions.  My mother is from a German family and my father is also German and Norwegian.  Growing up, I was surrounded with many German and Norwegian traditions.

2.  The word that I chose was Oktoberfest.  I believe that this immediately makes people think of beer, sausage, and lots of fun.  The German culture is known for their traditions that are celebrated during this festival time.  Like many cultures, family is a fundamental importance of the German people.  This was very evident growing up in my family.  It was important that we had many family celebrations that included not just our immediate family.  My cousins were more like siblings and we all participated in preparing the food for these get togethers.

3.  Germany has a very rich and deep history.  Many people also think of Adolf Hitler when thinking about the country’s history.  Germany is also home to many highways that have no speed limits.  The most famous of them is the Autobahn highway.

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I was born in Southeastern Europe country Yugoslavia which felt apart in 1992 into six independent countries. I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina republic which is know independent country. People in that region are mainly Slavic in origin migrating to this region in VI and VII century. My husband has same origin. I can define majority of people from my culture as great spirit and positive coping skills. Through history people from that region have been going through wars every 40-50 yrs yet survivors still find ways to get through thrive. I have found my culture is described as stoic and refusing a lot of medical care, that is due to being independent and having a lot of experience with stress in life due to uncontrollable circumstances.


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