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In the presentation you are required to explain how you have selected the appropriate methods for your research, and present draft of a work plan that will enable you to complete the research project successfully — and on time! 

This part of your Term Paper is to be presented using power point slides. Your presentation should be at least 10 minutes in duration. Deductions are applicable in case of short or extremely lengthy presentations. Time it well. Late/delayed presentations would result in 10% marks being deducted.

The key components and questions you need to cover in the presentation are: 

  1. What philosophical lens are you using to design your methodology framework (i.e, Constructivisim, Critical Realism, Positivism)?
  2. What methods do you plan to use to answer your research question? Why? What kinds of instruments, variables, materials, or sources will you use (i.e. will you use observations, surveys, interviews, case studies, focus groups, experiments, documents, media, data base searches, etc.)? If you plan to use mixed methods, will they be sequential, concurrent or transformative? Why? 
  3. List the kinds of data/information that you plan to collect (e.g. testimonials, statistics, business/government reports, other research data, audio/video recordings, etc.). Also, consider two or three alternative ways you could gather data/information for this research. 
  4. If you plan to use research participants, where will they come from? How will they be sampled? How many participants will you require? Who would most benefit from your research, and why? 
  5. How will you analyze the data/information you collect? How will you validate your findings/conclusions? 
  6. What ethical issues will your research project present? What biases might you bring to the research and how will you address that bias? 


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