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1. Please watch the following video about the different “missions” of Public Health,

2. …then tell us all what your “mission” is in taking this class. Why are you here? Chose one subject from this website to write about

issions in Public Health (Links to an external site.)

Healthy People 2030 is a government initiative to “identify health improvement priorities. Increase public awareness and understanding of the determinants of health, disease, and disability and the opportunities for progress. Provide measurable objectives and goals that are applicable at the national, State, and local levels.” It is public health in a nutshell!

Part 2

1. Go the the Healthy People 2030 (Links to an external site.) site and read the home page.

2. Click on the “browse objectives by topic” to get a page of interest . Choose one that interests you, click on it and see the goals for the area. 

3. Tells us in your post about your area of Healthy People 2030 interest and why.

Here is the generic grading rubric that is true for all discussions Grading Rubric for Discussions.docx Download Grading Rubric for Discussions.docx



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