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Follow the attached rubrics, complete APA 7, and for referencing too.

The theme for week 7 is Substance Use disorders and week 8 is Co-Morbidities – Sleeping,

Diagnosis: severe alcohol use disorder, which he attributed to depression……..



Brand name: Vivitrol

Generic Name: NaltrexoneEating Disorders and General Medical Conditions

Please share a case with us that you find challenging, one that you would like to seek advice on

handling. The case must be associated with the theme of either week 7 or 8. Tell us how you

handled it and what your concern is. If you are not in clinical then use a client from your

current job, a client you remember from 604, or a client or case that has always stuck with you.

This can be an ethical dilemma or a management issue. Maybe you disagreed with your

preceptor and don’t know what to do. Maybe you really need to talk to a family member but

HIPAA has held you back. Did you need to advocate for your patient with an insurance

company. Is your patient delusional and you don’t know how to work with this? Lots of choices.

Then please address ONE of the following as it pertains to your patient: 1) what

neurotransmitters and CYP-450 enzymes are being affected and how the medication will address

that, 2) recommended starting dose, frequency, route, and plans for titration, 3) all patient

teaching considerations including side effects, how long side effects might continue, time till

improvement, etc., 4) plans for follow-up (how often would you see this patient and how would

you evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment plan), or 5) what are your thoughts if there is no

response to this medication or treatment intervention? Don’t forget to include one reference and attach it to your peers.


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