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1st assignment question 1 & 4


Write a one-sentence summary of one of the following well-known fairy tales: “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Cinderella,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” or “The Three Little Pigs.” Compare your summary with those of your classmates. If you read the story rather than working from memory, remember to use your own words.


Evaluate your progress on a hobby or collection. For instance, if you build sound systems, explain the pieces of equipment (e.g., speakers and receivers) you have acquired and describe the equipment you will add. If you collect baseball cards or comic books, note the cards or books you own now and the items you want to trade or buy. Make notes about your progress. Then share those notes with your classmates

Assignment 2

Are the statements listed below observable results? Respond yes or no.

a. The manager plans to review quality standards with all employees. 

b. The olive trees have lost 80 percent of their leaves. 

c. Mr. Domingues regrets his decision to close the recapping unit. 

d. After the robbery, the Gallery Movie Theater closed.

e. The front line operator failed to read the Caution statement.

Assignment 3

Rewrite these steps so that each one begins with a verb in active voice and imperative mood. (The “you” can be understood.)

a. The cook should touch the AUTO DEFROST pad to begin the defrosting process.

b. When you want to play, you should press the START button.

c. The aquarium floor requires a layer of gravel that, sloping from back to front, is about 6 to 8 centimeters deep at the front wall.

d. We want you to come to the front of the room and use the available podium.


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