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The purpose of a book review is to provide the reader with three things:1) an understanding of the author’s orientation to the work 2) a good summary of the content of the book 3) and a fair critique of the book. Thus, a book review follows these points as a general outline.

1) Author’s Orientation It is only fair to evaluate a book in terms of its stated purpose. So, the initial section of a review is usually a summary of the author’s purpose for the book and the audience it was written for. You may have to divine this from your own reading but authors are usually pretty explicit about it in the introduction or the preface. Your critique should honor this. Don’t criticize a book for not addressing theoretical issues thoroughly when it was written to be a lay person’s guide to the topic.

2) Summary of Content This is usually done chapter by chapter. You don’t have to be comprehensive, just give the reader a good sense of the content of the chapter. If it is a very long book organized by sections you may want to summarize content by sections. Or, if it is an edited volume, you may want to place more emphasis on some chapters than others.

3) Critique Remember that critique is not necessarily negative. It is an evaluation of the merits of the book. So, you should try to provide commentary on the strengths and weaknesses of the book. Initially the critique should focus on how well the author fulfilled his or her or their stated purpose. From the point of view of the intended audience, how well does this book live up to its promise? If it is an academic book, the traditional areas of critique are the author’s ability to demonstrate thorough knowledge of the literature in the area, the author’s ability to provide theoretical or methodologically or practical advances for the reader, and the author’s ability to present each in a stylistically appropriate manner.


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