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Part I: Your managing attorney needs to locate model jury instructions that will help in the preparation for trial. The client signed a contract six months ago, but the other signatory has not performed their part of the contract. As a result, the client believes that they may have to sue in order to recover their cost for performing their part of the contract.

Unfortunately, the state where the suit will be filed does not have model jury instructions. As a result, the attorney will need to propose language for the jury instruction for a breach of contract. The attorney has located a model jury instruction from California. Here is the model jury instruction from California:

To recover damages from the defendant for breach of contract, the plaintiff must prove (1) that the plaintiff and the defendant entered into a contract. (2) That the plaintiff did all, or substantially all, of the significant things that the contract required to do (or that the plaintiff was excused from doing those things). (3) That all the conditions required by the contract for the defendant’s performance had occurred or were excused. (4) That the defendant failed to do something that the contract required or that the defendant did something that the contract prohibited. And, (5) that the plaintiff was harmed by that failure.

Locate model jury instructions for 2 other states that explain what a claimant must demonstrate in order to win a breach of contract claim. In 2 paragraphs, explain and list the requirements in a manner similar to the example. Make sure to indicate the states of the model jury instruction.

Part II: In the final paragraph of the thread, address the following question and support the position with citation to the Bible: Assume that the contract was made between 2 Christians. How should a Christian approach potential conflict with another Christian?


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