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SWOT Analysis of The Godfather by Mario Puzo

Imagine that you are the acquisitions editor of a major New York publishing company. The year is 2021. You have received and read a manuscript of an unknown, new novel about the mafia titled The Godfather. Is it worth it for your company to take a risk and buy and publish it? Your job is to present an objective SWOT analysis of the book to the board of directors so they can know what to do.

Paragraph 1: Write a summary of The Godfather in 8-10 sentences for the directors. Finish your paragraph by either recommending that the company buy the book or turn it down. (That is your thesis)

Paragraph 2: Strengths. Talk about what you think is internally strong about the book (the story, the language, the characters, the culture, etc.) Explain how you think those strengths may translate into significant sales.

Paragraph 3: Weaknesses. Same as above, but discuss the internal weaknesses of the book (what may be wrong with how the story is written). Explain how the weaknesses may hurt the book’s saleability.

Paragraph 4: Opportunities. Think of the future opportunities the book may offer. What revenue streams might it open up? Think of other media forms, international markets, merchandising, spin-offs, etc.

Paragraph 5: Threats. Think of the blowback that might happen if your company publishes the book. How could the company lose money on it? Are there elements in the book that could cause it to be “canceled”? Would publishing it be a foolish move, knowing the status of books and controversial topics in our society today?

Paragraph 6: Conclusion. Restate what The Godfather is about in your opinion and whether the company should buy it or pass on it, based on your reasons above.


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