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Written Portion

Your written portion will be five paragraphs. descriptions of how elements of movement (space, time, force) can create meaning.

  • First paragraph: Describe your them and summarize the key ideas you discovered in researching your theme – how does it connect with conversations of larger scale and/or the work of other art-makers? Cite/use your thematic research sources for context.
  • Second Paragraph: Describe what the body is doing and how it relates to and supports your theme.
  • Third Paragraph: Describe where the body is going in space and how it relates to and supports your theme.
  • Fourth Paragraph: Describe how the body is doing what it’s doing and how it relates to and supports your theme.
  • Fifth Paragraph: Reflect on the creative process. Do you believe you were successful at physicalizing your theme? Where did you take risks in your approach (place, costuming, location, music, etc). How did this experience expand your knowledge of dance and dance making?

Theme: Codependency

One character will perform this theme utilizing the movements, which will start with the pendular movements followed by an extension with a bit of leap and pivots, which will make up most of the choreography body, and the ending scenes will include the shoulder-waist and the cuddle position. Each movement will transition smoothly to the next as the choreography progresses. The qualities of movement used are vibratory quality, which will depict holding back at the earlier scenes, which will transition to the suspension, entailing repletion and retrograde of movements to explain the intensity and bring out the emotions. The size, tempo, and force of the movements will start small and grow bigger as the emotions heighten. The movements will be performed at different angles on the stage to make the distance element is important.


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