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For this week read the chapters on Early Societies Africa and on the Americas and Oceania.  Then select Option A on the Maya or Option B on Africa. 

Option A: After reading the chapter on the Americas, discuss the history of the Maya (Links to an external site.) paying particular attention to their calendar system, religion (Links to an external site.), and the Ball Game (Links to an external site.).  Discuss the role human/blood sacrifice (Links to an external site.) had in their society.  Why did they believe that human and blood sacrifice was so necessary?  Be sure to respond to one other student.

The following cc video is optional, but provided good information on the Maya. 

Option B: After reading the chapter on Africa, focus on Mansa Musa (Links to an external site.) and discuss how the picture on this site portrays Mansa Musa? What does the document that contains his portrait look like to you? For what do you think it was used?  Why did Mansa Musa go to Mecca (Links to an external site.)? What impact did his journey have on the outside world? What impact did it have on Mali? Don’t forget to respond to one of your peers.


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